"Hell, there are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something."
Thomas Edison

The pre-game workshops for Kapo are based on the ideas presented in “the workshop handbook”. The purpose is to create a safe environment for the game, to create a common understanding of the experience, to develop stories and relations and to practice the social dynamics of the camp. It is mandatory for all players to participate in one workshop and for the 48 hour players to participate in two.

Characters and relations
We will use the workshops for playing characters into existence. Through a big array of energizers, status exercises, challenges and theatre methods, we will, little by little, develop playable characters suited for the Kapo experience. Likewise, relations to other players will be developed through image theatre, flashback exercises and "frozen moments".

Families, friends and bus-groups
At the pre-game workshops people with 12 and 24 hour tickets will be workshopped in two groups. Firstly we will work with your close family/friend group, consisting of 5-15 people that you either have planned to play with on beforehand or a group put together at the workshop. Secondly we work with the "bus-groups", the 20-40 people with whom you will enter the camp.

Workshop 1: 48 hour players (June 25 & 26: 11-20)
- Presentation.
- Co-creation of groups and diegetic dynamics.
- Social structure of the camp.

Workshop 2: 12, 24 and 48 hour participants (August 27 & 28: 11-20)
- Presentation.
- Group- and character development.

Workshop: 12 and 24 hour international participants (September 28 & 29: 11-20)
- Presentation.
- Group- and character development.