“sometimes democracy must be bathed in blood.”
Augusto Pinochet

We are very worried about the current xenophobic tendencies seen all over Europe and the marks it has begun to leave in our societies. In Denmark people beeing acused of terrorism are denied acces to the evidence of their trial, people are suggesting detention of radical muslim movements and the government is considering privitazation of the prisons.

Kapo is a story of what might happen if the current xenophobic trend continues. Of what happens if we allow fear to rule society. Of what happens if we do not speak out...

Inspired by great works such as Kafkas “the trial”, Naomi Kleins “the shock doctrine”, George Orwells “1984”, Primo Levis “if this is a man” and many more, we have decided to create a larp that works with the dehumanizing effect of the camp as an institution.

The game

Kapo is not a real world simulation. We are not attempting to create a 48 hour reenactment of life in Auschwitz or Guantanamo, as this would most likely be an extremely boring experience for the participants. Rather we want to use a full arsenal of game design and scenographic tools to create a powerfull, although abstact, experience of the camp.

Kapo will bleed into the "real" world as the public will be invited to tour the camp (allthough not actually entering the play area) and follow the developments in the camp online. The camp will be presented as a contemporary danish prison camp and we hope to stir up some debate during the election year of 2011.