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Anne Frank

The ticket sales for kapo has closed

You sign up for Kapo by buying a ticket. We have chosen to use Biletto to reduce the amound of administration on our hands and to make it easy for participants to see what they are buying. Still, some explanation might be needed:

48 hour tickets
48 hour tickets guarantee you between 40 and 51 hours of the game. It is mandatory for buyers of 48 hour tickets to participate in 2 workhops on june 25-26th and august 27-28th.

12 and 24 hour tickets

During the game, new players will enter the scenography in 7 blocks.These play blocks are represented by a number of different ticket types, from which you can choose. There are a limited number of tickets for each block (from 20-40). These players have to attend a mandatory workhop on august 27-28th. 12 hour tickets will guarantee you between 11 and 13 hours of the game, whereas 24 hour tickets will guarantee you between 22 and 26 hours. It is mandatory for all danish players to participate in a workshop on august 27-28th.

International Players
International players are welcome to buy 12 and 24 hour tickets as everybody else, but are not expected to attend the workshop on august 27-28th. In stead internationals have a mandatory workshop just before the game begins (on september 28-29th).

Some interesting options
When you sign up with friends, you might consider not to sign up for the same block. It might be more interesting to play the story of the mother who arrives in the camp 12 hours after her son or you might agree to play the friend of someone entering the game 6 hours later than you.