"all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets"

The play area

The main scenography of Kapo will be a surrealistic abstraction of the generic camp or political prison. The game will be played in a 1000+ m2 industrial hall with only electrical lighting. We work with aesthetics mimicking the look of third world refugee camps or slum neighborhoods to create a physical environment of poverty and desolation. We will increase this with visual and auditive effects. We will use different modes of lighting during the different phases of the game and have hired sound artists to live mix a soundscape during play.

The system area
When selected at the roll-call, players will be summoned to the System. The System will consist of a surreal tunnel with numbered doors behind which the interrogators await. The system area will be used for interrogations, physical pressure and exit from the larp, but will not be a central element of the game.

The meta area
The meta area will consist of an off-game room and blackboxes for mid-play planning and playing out past experiences. We will provide coaches in the area, helping out in creating an intensive experience.