"experience teaches only the teachable".
Aldous Huxley

First weekend of october (30/9 - 2/10).

500 DKR for 48 hour participants
350 DKR for 24 hour participants
300 DKR for 12 hour participants

The location for the larp is “ny tap”, at the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Whatever the participants speak. It is a Danish camp, but English will be the common language. 

Number of participants: 180 

Minimum age: 18

At Kapo you can expect to be challenged emotionally and physically. There will not be much time for sleep, the food will be scarce and the lighting and soundscape of the camp might also effect you. At interrogations you can expect to be pressured psychologically and physically, though of course within your own limits. The game itself is about loosing yourself and your humanity and might have heavy emotional effects.