"if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you".
Friedrich Nietzsche

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In 2012 the Politics of Fear reached a new high. Incited by public fear of terrorism and outspread acts of civil disobedience, the Danish government decided to construct the first detention camps for dissidents. First they came for the islamists and anarchists. A few years later, the internet activist and socialists. When they came for you, there was no one left to speak out...

Kapo is a larp about the dehumanizing social dynamics in a camp for political prisoners. The experience at Kapo will firstly be constructed around the personal relations of the character. Secondly at the confrontation between new and old prisoners. Thirdly through the control of the institution, represented in light and sound. And last through the interrogations in the system area.

A wide array of dynamics will be introduced in the game to enforce the surrealistic feel of the game and to give the participants the opportunity to experience strong emotional developments during their game time.

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