"all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".
George Orwell

Kapo is meant for close-to-home play. Characters will be created on pre-game workshops that will focus on creating space for improvisation and in-game development. There will be no extensive background stories, but a lot of work on relations and feelings.

There are different options for participation in Kapo, depending on your personal preferences for the length and intensity of the experience. It will be possible to play the full 48 hours of the game, but another option is to sign up for 24 or 12 hours of game time.

Old prisoners (48 hours)
The group of old prisoners has been living in the camp for a while and has established their own social norms and rules. Their former names, occupations, dreams and visions have along with their humanity all been abandoned a long time ago in their struggle for survival. On the first workshop, we will construct five groups of olds, with different social dynamics, diegetic rules and strategies for survival.
- Players in this group can partake in the full 48 hours of the game.
- Players in this group will be co-creators of the game design.

New prisoners (12 and 24 hours)
The new prisoners will consist of groups of five to fifteen people. The groups will be constructed on the second workshop and will consist of families, groups of friends, refugees, activists and other dissidents that might be a threat to the Danish society.

New prisoners will play towards a personal breakdown, where they will either give in to the dynamics of the camp or the demands of the system.