"a man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world".
Albert Camus

Kapo is a story about the prisoners in a surrealistic Danish prison camp, a story of powerlessness and dehumanization. Players will be introduced to an environment of bizarre social norms and values. The camp is ruled by an eat-or-be-eaten mentality, you will die or prey on those weaker than you, ultimately forcing you to choose between yourself and your loved ones.

The camp
At Kapo you will play a prisoner in a Danish detention camps for dissidents. What might have started out as a well organised "terrorist" prison, has deteriorated to a twisted, self governed facility. Guards are not seen in the camp anymore, and the kapos organize everything under fear of punishment from the panoptic system. Once every cycle, prisoners are called to the interrogation rooms, from which few return.

The kapos
The kapos are the ruling class of the camp. The prisoners responsible for running the routines of the camp such as distributing food, introducing new prisoners, running the work squads and roll call.

New prisoners
As a new inmate you will be accused of endangering the State of Denmark, without any other option of leaving the camp, than admitting your guilt to the public and repent on public TV.

Not a prison larp/Not a revolution larp
Kapo will not be about gangs and violence, but rather about the horrible strategies of survival in the environment of the camp. There will be no revolutions during the game. If a Kapo looses her status or leaves the game, another player will take her place. To take on the system is not an option.