"when the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness"
Alexis de Tocqueville

Differentiated playtime

More than half of the players will be put into play and exit play during the game. Thus, stories will constantly begin, peak and end in the camp.

Most players will go through three psychological phases during play. First the shock from the encounter with the camp, then resignation and finally total internalization of the culture of the camp or surrender to the system.

Camp cycles
The rhythm of the camp will be 6 hour cycles. Roll call, feeding, dark time, work and the introduction of new prisoners will be the routines around which the camp functions. Time will be an abstraction and we will work with a concept of time where personal change happens faster than in real life.

Law of the two feet
If at any time during the game you find yourself in a position where you are neither entertained nor contributing, use your two feet, leave the game.

Diegetic rules
In addition, diegetic rules such as “Ars Amandi” will be applied in the game, mainly connected to the different groups of old prisoners and developed on the first workshop.